How We Craft Our Products

After extensive review and research, we realized most so-called “natural hair products” available today are loaded with additives, fillers and preservatives which are absorbed into your scalp and can interfere with your general health, skin, scalp and hair follicles.

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At Saint Seer we believe health is one of our greatest gifts and your body is a most precious temple. With this in mind, we use only 100% organic, natural herbs and our product is ABSOLUTELY FREE of any chemicals or preservatives. Our company is Connecticut-based and our product is designed and made with great care in small batches.

Our water-based Saint Seer Ultimate Hair Elixir formula allows for all-day or overnight use without the oily after effects of other products.
Saint Seer Vitalizing Hair Paste can be used as an alternative to shampoo or as a complement to shampoo.

We choose each ingredient not only for their individual benefits, but also for how they work synergistically and balance with our other ingredients. It took two years to bring these ingredients together and insure that our formula is the best hair elixir available. After a careful and meticulous process, Saint Seer Ultimate Hair Elixir is sealed in a dark blue, glass bottle in order to protect it from UV light.

We always use only stainless steel and glass equipment in order to preserve the integrity of the botanicals. There is no possibility of contamination from aluminum.


Saint Seer Ultimate Hair Elixir will nourish and strengthen your hair follicles, prevent thinning hair and leave your hair thick and strong with no split ends.
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Saint Seer Vitalizing Hair Paste will clean, detoxify and actively combat hair loss in a more concentrated medium, enhancing its effect.
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Saint Seer Rejuvenating Shampoo
The very first shampoo with no preservatives or chemicals of any kind. Experience the effect of washing your hair with fragrant, healing herbs.
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