Saint Seer Ultimate Hair Elixir

Our product is vegan, cruelty free and gluten free.

Saint Seer Ultimate Hair Elixir is made from ten 100% certified organic, natural herbs and our product is ABSOLUTELY FREE of any chemicals or preservatives. Our water-based formula allows for all-day or overnight use without the oily after effects of other products. Our unique and powerful formula will actively combat hair loss, encourage new hair growth and prevent premature graying. Saint Seer Ultimate Hair Elixir will nourish and strengthen your hair follicles, prevent thinning hair and leave your hair thick and strong with no split ends.

Combining the Saint Seer Vitalizing Hair Paste 1-3 times per week with the Saint Seer Ultimate Hair Elixir daily will produce rapid results.

Directions: Apply to hair and scalp, massage gently. For faster results, apply twice daily. This water based formula will absorb into your hair and scalp without any oily residue. Please store in cool and dark place, Saint Seer Hair Elixir does not contain any preservative or chemicals.

Made with 10 organic ingredients: